Michiana Chapter Board of Directors 2016-2017






Chris Murphy President MurphyC@nibco.com
Brenda Engel President-Elect bbengel1@comcast.net
John Engel Treasurer jengel@nd.edu
Grant Williams Secretary gwilliams@lci1.com
John Engel VP-Communications John.H.Engel.3@nd.edu
Chris Murphy VP Administration MurphyC@nibco.com
John Engel Program Roster/Booklet John.H.Engel.3@nd.edu
Chris Murphy VP-Education MurphyC@nibco.com
Ken Milani Manuscripts Kenneth.W.Milani.1@nd.edu
Brenda Engel CMA Programs bbengel1@comcast.net
Carrie Jenkins VP-Membership Cjenkins@cfstaffing.com
Carrie Jenkins Member Acquisition Cjenkins@cfstaffing.com
Carrie Jenkins Retention & Participation Cjenkins@cfstaffing.com
Cole Patuzzi VP of Young Professionals cole@elkhartccf.org
Carrie Jenkins Director of Employment Cjenkins@cfstaffing.com
Shawn Cahill Director at Large scahillfinance@gmail.com
Regional Council Delegates:
John H. Engel   John.H.Engel.3@nd.edu>
Brenda Engel   bbengel1@comcast.net
Joe Nycum   jnycum@pressganey.com
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