The Slide Show, above, includes photos from our 15th Annual Fall Conference on October 31, 2016. For more 2016 Fall Conference Photos click on link.
-Slide show by Lee Bennett-

President's Message

Greetings and Welcome to the IMA Michigan Council Website!

On October 23rd we held our 16th Annual Fall Conference at the Kellogg Center on the beautiful campus of Michigan State.  I would like to thank our Conference Chair, Chuck Phillips and his committee for finding a great lineup of speakers that presented at this year’s conference.   Topics such as Cyber Security, Ethics, Economic Outlook and many more were covered.   If you have never been to this conference please plan to register for next year's conference that will be held on October 29, 2017.  I would also like to thank the Board of Directors of the Council for allowing me the opportunity to be your President one more time.  I can assure all of you that we began planning the program year in July. 

Some of the accomplishments that have already been achieved are:  We have updated the bylaws of the Council to better reflect how we are currently doing business and those bylaws have been submitted to IMA Global.  We have placed into nomination 2 people for Global Director as we were required to do by IMA Global this year.  I am also proud to announce the launch of our new website, the URL for our site is .  The old site at is still active and will be until all of our chapters have been converted to the platform.  In addition to the council, the Michiana Chapter site is also active and that URL is in case you would like to preview what all of the sites will look like in the future. Read more

Thank you,

John H. Engel, MNA

President of the IMA Michigan Council  2017-2018


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